Simply connect our Smart VPN adapter to an unused network port on your home router and enjoy all the privacy of VPN combined with the smart routing and speed of Privacy Hero.

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Our Smart VPN adapter with quad core 64 bit ARM processor and 1 Gbps network port is strong enough to maintain a 100 Mbps connection while   encrypting the traffic with military grade AES-256 cipher.

Expensive (over $200) Linksys WRT, Asus RT or Netgear Nighthawk routers  with open source VPN firmware support 50 Mbps with the same encryption.


Privacy Hero Smart VPN solves the two major issues with streaming services and VPN router:

Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO block all customers living in the US and trying to access the content through Virtual private network connection.
Privacy Hero Smart VPN Adapter knows not to route the streaming traffic through VPN.  You will never be blocked by streaming services.
Some VPN companies use a double proxy to hide that customers access the streaming service through VPN. The result is a low quality streaming with buffering and no way to access high quality 4k content.
Privacy Hero Smart Adapter will route your streaming traffic directly ensuring you always get the highest quality streaming.

Privacy Hero Smart VPN Adapter is free with your subscription to the Privacy Hero service. Our service is just $9.95/month for your entire house.

An open source VPN router will cost you $200-$450 and in addition to $10-$15 VPN monthly costs.


With a VPN router, all the devices connected to the router are using the VPN tunnel. Privacy Hero Smart VPN Adapter allows you to decide which devices to route through VPN and which ones to route directly. You can change your decision in real time anytime you want.

Your son complains about a slowdown in PS4 gaming? Your VOIP phone doesn’t sound as clear anymore? Easy – route that device direct with the easy to use Privacy Hero control panel.

Security and Privacy

An open source VPN router has the VPN as an afterthought and is not designed as a security appliance.

Our Smart VPN Adapter is designed with security built in:

Privacy Hero encrypts data with military grade AES256 encryption.

We make sure there are no DNS leaks with our hardware based DNS transparent proxy.

Smart VPN Adapter makes sure no traffic goes unencrypted if VPN connection is down.


Privacy Hero service is Torrent friendly. We do not throttle or shape Torrent traffic. We do not keep logs and never will.

How it works

We’ve built Privacy Hero to be extremely simple to set up. Just connect the Privacy Hero Adapter to your router and Privacy Hero automatically extends to all the devices on your home network.


Use supplied ethernet and usb cords to connect Privacy Hero Smart Adapter to your router.


Restart your router.


Start streaming and enjoy your privacy.

About Privacy Hero
  • We believe that privacy is a basic right and no government or ISP should have access to your Internet browsing.
  • We believe in long trials and fast refunds if you are unsatisfied with our service for any reason. We are in this for a long haul and we understand the value of the long term customer relationship.
  • We believe that VPN providers’ customer service is seriously lacking and we are here to change that.
  • We don’t believe in selling an incomplete product at a discount and trying to up-sell an adequate product later to charge more.