Bring the ironclad security of a VPN to your entire household—without the technical headaches

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Privacy Hero’s VPN Adapter connects to your router and instantly protects you from hackers, advertisers, and internet providers that watch what you do online.

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It’s 2019. You shouldn’t need your own personal IT department just to access the internet safely at home.

In the past, running your home network through a VPN required setting it up yourself on an expensive “VPN-ready” router (or paying an expert to set it up for you). With Privacy Hero, you can get up and running in 5 minutes or less with the router you already own.

Here’s how it works:

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No complicated setup — it’s the world’s first truly plug-and-play VPN router solution.

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No separate installation for every device. Everything on your network is protected instantly.

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No fear of “bricking” your router with complicated open source VPN firmware.

Get 4x the speed of a VPN router—at a fraction of the cost

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Most of the leading VPN-ready routers from companies like Linksys, Asus, and NetGear top out at 40-50 Mbps—and that’s after you go to the trouble to install the VPN software yourself (or pay extra to have it pre-installed).

With the Privacy Hero VPN adapter, you’ll maintain a 200 Mbps connection while enjoying the same level of military-grade encryption.

Our always-on VPN service makes sure no one can see what you do online—including us

The Smart VPN Adapter comes pre-installed with the Privacy Hero VPN Service, so your devices are protected within minutes of connecting the adapter to your router.

There’s no long installation process or thousands of settings to configure—just instant access to our secure network of VPN servers that stop internet providers from tracking (and even selling) your private data.

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Get the Privacy Hero Smart VPN Adapter free when you sign up for Privacy Hero VPN Service

One plan. No new hardware to buy. No upsells. And a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Privacy Hero VPN + Free Smart VPN Adapter

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Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee lets you try Privacy Hero risk-free for an entire month.
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Never get blocked from streaming the content you love

Streaming services like Netflix often block VPNs, which forces you to disconnect (and expose your privacy) or tinker with settings every time you want to sit back for a nice binge session.

That’s why Privacy Hero treats streaming traffic differently. We automatically route your streaming traffic through your internet service provider so it doesn’t get blocked, while all your other network traffic remains encrypted through a VPN.

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Forget buffering — Privacy Hero supports streaming quality as high as 4K Ultra HD

Most VPN companies use something called a double proxy when you access a streaming service. Which sounds fancy until it causes your favorite show to pause for buffering every 10 seconds.

Since we route your streaming traffic directly, it’ll come through the way it was meant to be enjoyed—crystal clear and without interruptions.

point and click control over your entire network

You’ll have point-and-click control over your entire network whenever needed

With Privacy Hero, you never have to worry about family members forgetting to “turn on the VPN” and browsing the internet unprotected. It’s simply always on.

But what if you don’t need a certain device to connect through a VPN? Simple—just log into your Privacy Hero account and switch that device to your regular internet connection with a couple clicks.

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Safe, secure internet access is critical. That’s why you’ll get priority support from actual humans.

Privacy Hero is built to be the world's simplest whole-house VPN — but that doesn't mean we're not here to help if you need it! If you have any questions, our team of networking and security experts will be only a message away.