No one likes the feeling of being watched.

But the worst part is what your provider can actually do with your private data once they have it:

Of course, what can happen to your private info today might change tomorrow. The policies governing privacy around the world are controlled by small groups of politicians who can ultimately change their minds anytime.

The bottom line? Once your data is out there, you don’t have much say over what happens to it in the future.

We started Privacy Hero because we believe you should always have the right to privacy.

We believe you shouldn’t have to second guess which websites you visit because you’re worried about who might find out someday.

We believe you should have control over the amount of private info complete strangers have about your household’s browsing habits.

We believe safe, private internet access is only getting more important as more and more devices in your home become connected.

Most of all, we believe protecting your household’s privacy should be simple.

We’re Here to Help You Take Your Household’s Privacy Back

Most VPN technology is built by tech geeks for tech geeks.

At Privacy Hero, we’re definitely still geeks, but our mission is to make privacy easy for everyone to access—even if you’re not a tech wizard.

Based in Toronto, Canada, the Privacy Hero team brings experience from the networking and security divisions of some of the most respected companies in cybersecurity, like Cisco, Blackberry, and Dell.

Leo Pechersky

Previously occupying senior technology roles at Oracle, Research in Motion and Dell. Leo founded NetProtect, a major privacy technology company which was sold in 2014.

Jason Salzman

Focused on growth of early stage technology companies. Developed his skill set in the Silicon Valley tech scene including stints at WalkMe and ReachLocal which sold to Gannet in 2016.

Ken Bantoft
Director of Engineering

Engineering Leader in the networking and satellite communications industries, Ken was previously the CTO of Satcom Direct. A major contributor to encryption standards and VPN technology, Ken was part of the original team behind Openswan.

Viacheslav Stekolnikov

Slava brings strong digital and consumer device experience to the QA team.

Anastasia Ashbel
Network Engineer

20 year System Administrator and DevOps veteran. A former lead at PTC, Anastasia brings strong technical skills to the Privacy Hero team.

Scott Griepentrog
Senior Embedded Systems Engineer

Engineering veteran in various real-time software and networking projects. A lifelong tinkerer, Scott was a major contributor to various open source projects including Asterix and FreePBX.

Max Basin
Customer Support

With a technical background in networking Max brings strong technical understanding to the customer support team.