Privacy Hero

Next Generation VPN 

You shouldn’t have to be a tech geek to keep your household’s data private and secure. With Privacy Hero, it’s as simple as plugging in/setting up the router and letting us handle the rest.

We created a next-generation VPN service that puts an immediate stop to this. 

VPN Router Included

Welcome to the next-generation of VPN service. Privacy Hero’s VPN Router connects to your network and instantly protects you from hackers, advertisers, and internet providers that watch what you do online. No more connection issues trying to when trying to watch your favorite shows or play online games. 

  • Up to 150 mb/s (When VPN is active)
  • Easily connect to your existing router or replace it
  • Optimized for Streaming and Gaming

Encrypted DNS & Malware Protection

With EncrpytedDNS always on, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re being protected from spam and malware. Protect your privacy from people looking to take advantage of a less secure connection…

Device Management & Parental Controls

Monitor your household devices & their usage 24/7. Make sure your family is protected all the time by seeing where devices are going, what they are doing, and impose restrictions if necessary. 

  • “Bedtime” feature automatically disconnects devices from the wifi at a certain time
  • Put a device in “Time Out” for a set amount of time to limit their access 

High-Speed VPN

Our next-generation VPN service is built from the ground up with YOU in mind. We took all the issues that come with using a VPN, and made it easy & simple for you to set up protection and privacy for your home. 

Built for Streaming & Gaming

Tired of being blocked or slow buffering speeds while using your VPN and trying to stream anything?  Us too.  We utilize a split tunneling feature with our VPN so you can watch your favorite movies & TV shows without ANY slowdowns!

Connection Health & Status

Monitor your internet speeds and data usage and see what your network status is, wherever you are! Make sure you are getting the speeds you pay for, as well as tips on how you can increase your connection quality with in-app troubleshooting.