Connect the Smart VPN Adapter to any open port on your router.

Whether you’ve got a souped-up router you’d hate to part with or a standard one that came from your internet service provider, you won’t have to go through the hassle of replacing it.

Our Smart VPN Adapter turns any router into a VPN router (except for a small handful of models).

And since it’s built with a quad core 64-bit ARM processor and 1 Gbps network port, you won’t have to sacrifice speed for privacy. Even with an entire household’s worth of devices on your network, you can maintain a 200 Mbps encrypted connection—four times the speed of most expensive “VPN-ready” routers.

smart vpn connection with privacy hero

Activate Privacy Hero’s Pre-Installed VPN Service to encrypt your entire network.

Since the Smart VPN Adapter comes pre-installed with the Privacy Hero VPN Service, there’s nothing you have to install to get up and running.

Just activate the VPN Service from your account dashboard and enjoy the comfort of knowing your traffic on every connected device in your home is completely hidden.

And when we say every device, we mean every device—even IoT devices that can’t run typical VPN apps:

  • - Nest thermostat
  • - Ring doorbell
  • - Google Home
  • - Smart lights
  • - Smart locks
  • - Amazon Echo
  • - Nest smoke alarms
  • - Smart plugs

When unencrypted, these smart devices can leave your entire network vulnerable to hackers. With Privacy Hero, you’ll always have an extra layer of protection.

activate on smart adapter

Privacy Hero makes the right routing decisions so you don’t have to.

Other VPN apps and routers force you to constantly adjust settings for different online activities like streaming or gaming. Privacy Hero automatically makes the right adjustments in the background so you never have to think about them.

  • Firing up the Apple TV for a Netflix binge? We’ll bypass the VPN for your streaming traffic only so you don’t get blocked.
  • Gaming online with friends? We’ll bypass the VPN for your gaming traffic only so your latency stays low and your experience lag-free.
  • Meanwhile, we’ll route all your other online activity through the fastest available VPN servers.

Since Privacy Hero treats streaming and gaming traffic separately from your other activity, you don’t have to worry about configuring a complicated “split-tunneling” setup. Everything simply works the way it’s supposed to out of the box.

vpn app connection with mobile desktop

Get the Privacy Hero Smart VPN Adapter free when you sign up for Privacy Hero VPN Service

One plan. No new hardware to buy. No upsells. And a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Privacy Hero VPN + Free Smart VPN Adapter

Get privacy hero
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited bandwidth
Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee lets you try Privacy Hero risk-free for an entire month.

The best part about how Privacy Hero works? It just does.

When you use Privacy Hero to turn the router you already own into a VPN router, you save yourself time, frustration, and a whole lot of money.

  • You don’t have to install and manage it separately on every device
  • You don’t have to remember to turn it on and off
  • You don’t have to pay extra to use it on multiple devices
  • You don’t have to install and manage it separately on every device
  • You don’t have to remember to turn it on and off
  • You don’t have to pay extra to use it on multiple devices

The Privacy Hero control panel lets you manage every device on your network with just a few clicks

privacy hero control panel

If you ever need to take an individual device off the VPN, it’s as simple as logging into your Privacy Hero account and clicking a single button to route it direct.

encrypted data

Encrypted DNS means you’ll always have a base layer of privacy—even for non-VPN traffic

Even if certain devices on your network aren’t going through the VPN, Privacy Hero will never send their DNS requests to your internet service provider’s servers (which would allow your provider to profile your browsing habits).

Instead, all DNS requests will go through encrypted servers — so your ISP will never see which websites you’re visiting.

streaming relocation over the world

Streaming Relocation lets you access the content you want without getting geo-blocked

Forget about switching VPN locations every time you want to access streaming content that’s only available in other countries. Now you can set your streaming preferences once and always get the content you want, no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Want to access movies that are only available on the U.K. version of Netflix? Set your preferences in the control panel and Privacy Hero will route your streaming traffic appropriately every time you access Netflix on any connected device.

If a service is only available in one country (like BBC iPlayer), Privacy Hero will automatically route your streaming traffic to a server in that country, so you never have to think about it.

And since Privacy Hero treats streaming traffic separately, people in your house can watch content from different countries simultaneously. That means your kids can stream American Netflix on the Apple TV while you’re watching BBC iPlayer on your smartphone, no changes required.